A Story

There is a man who lives under the railway tunnel near your house. His skin is black from the exhaust of passing trains. You do not see him during the day, but you feel his eyes, watching you. At night he walks the line, slowly. His feet scraping the ground ever so slightly with each step, his slow breathing almost audible in the night. From your window you see him passing your house, slowly. Even when the moon is bright, you can only make out his outline.

One night you look out your window before bed, expecting to see the man, but the line is empty. You wait for some time, but grow tired and fall asleep. The next night, you watch from your window from sundown through the night, but again you do not see him. The next day you walk to the railway tunnel. It is dark and damp and smells of old machines. You cannot see the man, but you do see some old bags and bedding. As you approach the collection of bags, you notice something out of place. There is an ornate mirror here. The mirror is quite large and appears to be many years old. You look into the mirror, but something is off with the reflection. You can’t quite put your finger on what is strange. You stare for many minutes then slowly close your eyes.

That night, you do not return home. Your family calls, but there is no answer. They become worried but when they call round to your house, it is empty. Not just empty of you, but of all your possessions too. There is nothing left. They report you missing and a search is made of the area, but you are not found. Your local community helps by putting up posters in shop windows. These posters feature a photograph of you smiling with the word “Missing” above the photo in a large font. You are not found. The railway tunnel is empty now.